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MY CHINA B2B UPDATES - N. 15 / 2013

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Customers at Carrefour can scan codes to trace produce -- Shanghai Daily.
CONSUMERS visiting Carrefour stores in Shanghai are now able to trace the origin of vegetables and fruits on sale by scanning the Quick Response codes of products with their smartphones. The production place and date of the item, the business license of its supplier and other information regarding the farms can be tracked down, officials said yesterday. ......

Expired foods detected at convenience stores -- Shanghai Daily.
CONVENIENCE stores including FamilyMart, Lawson and Kedi have come under fire after some of their outlets were found selling expired food. Four downtown outlets of FamilyMart were selling expired puffs, custard pudding, bean curd, potato salad and cherry tomatoes, the Shanghai Morning Post reported yesterday.

Made in China: Law sought for overseas investment -
Call for chinese govt to help firms expand business, investment and reputation overseas China should introduce legislation to help overseas investment by Chinese companies, as an increasing number extend their global footprint, a national legislator has said. Nurturing domestic multinational corporations should be a "national strategy", and the government should provide a one-stop service t .....

Shanghai: Food safety expert offers tips.
PROFESSOR Ma Zhiying is a food safety expert, so he pays a lot of attention to the food scandals that have rocked Shanghai and China in the past few years. He's especially interested in helping consumers learn to eat a safe and healthy diet. Ma is technical director of the Shanghai Food Research Institute and director of Shanghai Food Association Committee of Experts. He has more than 30 years ..

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Qiao Tag: Interactive authentication platform

Qiao Tag: Tagged your Authentic Value.
QIAO TAG is the first interactive authentication platform that enables consumers to purchase informed and be in direct contact with producers, manufacturers and distributors.

Certification of its authenticity and product information from the producer / manufacturer, the best advice for use, traceability, expiration dates, after-sales support, feedback and reviews from consumers and for the professional version, data about transportation and storage, are only some of the information that QIAO TAG send to customer of your products.

QIAO TAG may also be used as promotional tools to enable customers with their marketing campaigns, special offers, coupons, discounts by type of user directly to stores and online. Protect your brand and your products and in the same time promoting them in an effective and authoritative, this is the mission and the added value of QIAO TAG.(Link)

(For information about Qiao Tag - Click here)

Food B2B - Your eProcurement

Food of World: Sell in China and Asia in one Click!!.
Over 100 companies use "Food of World" an innovative Logistics / Distribution and Promotion platform, a concrete support to International Producers and Buyers. Through the combination of new digital communication technologies, applied to traditional and international trading business, F&B Buyer and Producer companies can now directly manage their trading activities with a Click! (Click)

My Italy B2B - Your Made in Italyt eProcurement

Made in Italy B2B: for your Excellence business just in one Click!!.
"My Italy B2B" is an innovative Logistics / Distribution and Promotion platform, a concrete support for International Buyers to Buy best "Made in Italy" from over 150.000 qualified companies. International Buyer and Italian Manufacturers companies can now directly manage their trading activities with a Click! (Click)

Go to Italy - Best Italian Destination eProcurement

"Go to Italy" just in one Click!!.
"Go to Italt" is an innovative Distribution and Promotion platform for Italian Travel Destinations, a concrete support to International travel agencies and Italian Destination Buyers: Italian Travel Agency / Destinations and their International Buyers can now directly manage trading activities with a Click!(Click)

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QIAO LAB - Consulting, IPR DESK, Incubator

The cheapest way to Register your Trademark or Patent in China and Asia?.
QIAO - Intellectual Property Desk provides a comprehensive one-stop desk service to support all your business and intellectual property needs. We draw on one of the widest ranges of available resources and have many years of experience in dealing with Patent, Trademark and business enquiries. We can guide you through the procedures required to help you to protect your products and services using patents, trademarks, registered designs and copyrights.(Click for more information)

Social: China top of the world for microblogs
CHINA has the world's largest number of microbloggers, according to the latest report on the country's new media development. The annual report, published by the Social Sciences Academic Press, quoted the China Internet Network Information Center as saying that about 274 million Chinese people had microblog accounts as of June this year......

Internet: Switching to the smart TV
First we had 'the box', then the flat screen. Next it'll be interactive Chinese online video website's idea of producing smart television sets may provide an edge for the Internet company because they are set to overtake traditional TVs in the coming years. However, LeTV should tackle a couple of difficulties before it can hope to lead the industry, analysts said......

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